Work with a coach who will develop an individualized training plan (ITP) with you.  An ITP will be created based on your goals and/or target race.  Fees apply.  A portion of the fee goes to a predetermined charity.

ITPs will also include various seminars that will augment your training.

ITP #1:  5k/10k Race Distance – Racing Tips seminar included – Cost $40.

ITP #2:  Half Marathon Race Distance – Racing Tips & Hot or Cold Weather Training seminars included – Cost $80

ITP #3:  Marathon & Beyond Race Distance – Racing Tips, Hot or Cold Weather Training, & Marathon Secrets seminars included – Cost $120

ITP #4:  Walk-to-Run – Program focused on enabling you to run non-stop for 30 minutes – Cost $30

ITP #5:  Private Coaching – Cost is negotiable

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