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– Running background:  Competitive runner since 1974, but have been running all my life.  Was unanimously voted “fastest runner” in Little League baseball, so I have always had the ability to run fast.  I have been a running coach since 1981 and love talking to people about running and helping them to meet their fitness goals.

– Best piece of fitness advice:  Use It or Lose It.  As we age, it takes longer to get back in shape.  It is always easier to stay in shape.

– What inspires or motivates you to exercise everyday?  I ran everyday for 13 years and 2 months, so I know it is possible to plan fitness into your everyday life.  Even a life that includes travel, family, living in multiple cities, there are no excuses to exercise, just many more reasons to exercise.  I exercise for lots of reasons:  stress reduction, improved physical and mental health, weight control, anti-aging, and a sense of togetherness with others who exercise.

– What inspires you to lead a life of fitness?  Regular exercise is beneficial for the whole body and mind.  I am rarely sick.  I can still wear the same size clothes as in high school and that was over 40 years ago.  Even with a family history of genetic related diseases, fitness has kept all of them at bay.

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